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Hokkaido Guide + Sapporo Day Trips

Hokkaido Guide + Sapporo Day Trips

Hokkaido 3 day travel guide in Sapporo and day trips from Sapporo! Hokkaido is the second largest, northernmost and least developed island in Japan. Hokkaido is famous for it’s snow and ski resorts in winter, however it’s also well known for it’s unspoiled nature, fresh seafood and dairy products. This time I travel to and around Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido Prefecture and also the fifth largest city of Japan. Come join me on my adventure~ :) ➱ ITINERARY ACCOMODATION - Hotel Unwind http://www.hotel-unwind.com/en SAPPORO CITY - Rental Cycle https://porocle.jp/en/ - Odori Park Popular events held here: Sapporo Beer Garden Sapporo Snow Festival - Sapporo TV Tower - Former Government Office OTARU STATION - Otaru Sankaku Fish Market - Otaru Canal - Otaru Rickshaw Ride - Otaru Historical Buildings ASARI STATION - Sea of Japan LAKE SHIKOTSU - Bus Directions http://www.1000sai-chitose.or.jp/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/1dd35c106f6e6bad420b07064106fcfe-1.pdf - Swan Boats, kayaking - Former Yamasen Railway Bridge Join me on Patreon for bonus videos, live streams and much more! ☺ https://patreon.com/internationallyME ------------------------------------------------------------- ➱ CONNECT WITH ME INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/internationallyme TWITTER https://twitter.com/NZ2JAPAN ➱ MUSIC Stupead - Let me know Broke for free - Budding Bou Bou - Roadtrip
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