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Finding Hidden Gems in SAGA,Japan [简体字]

Finding Hidden Gems in SAGA,Japan [简体字]

Useful Travel Support for a trip to Saga! Saga Prefecture’s official tourism app, “DOGANSHITATO?” Is This Saga!? Drawn in by the Beautiful Scenery, Delicious Food and Hot Springs, You’ll Want to Travel to Saga! A Video with a YouTube Creator Micaela as She Falls for Saga! The Saga Prefectural Tourism Federation has produced a video, “Finding Hidden Gems in SAGA,Japan" to promote the use of Saga Prefecture’s official tourism app “DOGANSHITATO?” to explore Saga’s beautiful scenery, delicious food and hot springs. Today, the Saga Prefectural Tourism Federation will release the video on its official channel, featuring Micaela's travel around Saga while using the tourism app’s substantial contents. Saga Prefecture, which faces out onto two unique bodies of water, the Genkai Sea and the Ariake Sea, has plenty of amazing sightseeing spots such as its scenic coastline and Japan’s biggest tideland! The video begins from the Kyushu Saga International Airport, as Micaela meets the app's mascot "Tsubozamurai," and pays a visit to the hot springs of Ureshino City, which rank in the top three hot springs in Japan for beautifying the skin. She then experiences pottery making in the famous ceramic town, Arita, while also taking a stroll through the town's Uchiyama area, designated as a conservation area for historically important buildings. Micaela also tries out Karatsu's live squid sashimi. As she continues her travels, she is drawn to the beautiful, gaze-stealing scenery. Saga Prefecture’s official tourism app, “DOGANSHITATO?” lists helpful info for travelers in Saga, such as sightseeing spots, accommodations and restaurants, and is available in six languages: Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Thai. The app is full of vital information for tourists visiting Saga, both from within Japan and overseas!   There are more than 1,000 pieces of information registered on the tourism app! The app introduces beautiful spots, hot springs, food and fascinating contents from inside Saga prefecture. If you have a problem that you can’t solve even with the app before your trip or after you have come to Saga, please call directly our call center available 24/7 in 14 languages. Use the tourism app and enjoy a "Saga trip" of your very own! App Links ■中文[简体字] iOS: Android:
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