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Explore Shiga With Me! 滋賀県大津市で24時間過ごしてみた!

Explore Shiga With Me! 滋賀県大津市で24時間過ごしてみた!

Hey guys! Long time no see! I recently took a trip to Shiga Prefecture to check out some of the new English-friendly programs/experiences they've developed there. It was my first time in the Shiga/Lake Biwa area, and the weather was not so great, but I thought I'd take you on my 24 hour trip with me. It's a bit of a long video so sit down and get comfy! Otsu City is just a short way from Kyoto by train, so it's a good option for a quick getaway from the busy tourist traffic. Take a break from busy/hectic by cycling through the Japanese countryside, learning to make traditional chicken sukiyaki lunch, checking out the massive Lake Biwa, or treating yourself to some amazing teppan-yaki steak at Matsukiya. Sharla also made it out to the area so you can check out her video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U25qSc3brQ0 English Speaking Tours at Tour de Lac Biwa https://www.lacbiwa.com/ Also you can check out the Biwako Otsu Travel Guide: http://www.otsu.or.jp/en/ 〜*☆ SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ☆*〜 Second Channel/セカンドチャンネル! http://www.youtube.com/mikaeradesu Follow Me On Twitter/ツイッターでフォローしてね! http://www.twitter.com/ciaela Posting Daily On Instagram/インスタグラムでフォローしてね!_ http://www.instagram.com/ciaela ~Thank You For Watching ~
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