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Nara Street Food Guide w/ Extra Mochi

Nara Street Food Guide w/ Extra Mochi

STREET FOOD! We’re back for more in one of Japan’s most traditional cities, Nara. What was once Japan’s capitol is now a place loaded with delicious street food for humans and deer alike. So, what’s Nara got to offer? I hope you're hungry! ★ YAKI IMO / Grilled Sweet Potato / 200 yen per 100g ★ YOMOGI MOCHI / green mowort mochi filled with azuki beans, slightly bitter, slightly sweet / 130 yen each ★ KAKI NO HA SUSHI / sushi wrapped in permission leaves 1000 to 15000 yen for 8 to 12 ★ DORAYAKI / pancakes filled with azuki red bean paste / 600 yen for a large one ★ DEER RICE CRACKCERS / shika senbei that they love to eat / 150 yen per pack ★ SHIKA NO FUN (Deer Poop) / chocolate covered peanuts or soy beans / 350 yen per bag ★ SOFT SERVED ICE CREAM / 350 yen each Probably the most famous street food is mochi prepared by Nakatanido, a hundred meters behind the Kintetsu Nara Station. The mochi making performace where Nakatani-san opens the shop window and pounds the mochi at lightning speed takes place a few times a day. Stop by and ask about performance times because you don’t want to miss it. It’s served right after and it’s absolutely the best mochi in Kansai. I went at 11:30am. Note that the deer are wild animals and although they’re mostly friendly, they will bite, charge and bump tourists. Please be careful especially with children. Nara is an easy train ride from Osaka or Kyoto and worth a day trip or longer if you like hiking and trekking around nature to see temples and shrines. Perfect when the weather is clear. URL: Nakatanidou (Japanese only) Google Map: Kaki no ha sushi shop JAPAN STREET FOOD SERIES on ONLY in JAPAN Tokyo (Ameyoko / Ueno) Hiroshima (Miyajima Island) Nara Tokyo (Shibamata) Sapporo (Ramen) Kyoto (Nishiki Market) Osaka (Dotonbori) Big THANK YOU once again to Kevin Riley, Osaka resident and master of Kansai. Featured on TASTY Eating Your Feed Season 2: We Tried To Make Mochi With Giant Hammers Thanks for the shout out guys! The mochi you made looked great! This show has been created and produced by John Daub ジョン・ドーブ. He's been living and working in Japan for over 19 years and regularly reports on a TV show for Japan's International Channel.
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