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An ONSEN and a CASTLE | Matsuyama, Ehime

An ONSEN and a CASTLE | Matsuyama, Ehime

I spent a day in Matsuyama during my weekend trip to Ehime. There were two things I wanted to see, Dogo Onsen and Matsuyama Castle. Dogo Onsen is a super famous onsen in Japan. It's said to be the inspiration for the bath house in Spirited Away. The onsen was lovely and I'm so glad we decided to go the third floor private room. Matsuyama Castle is one of Japan's twelve "original castles". It was a really nice castle to walk through. Probably my favourite Japanese style castle I've been to so far. Much love and happy travels xo Meggie Kay - - - - - Find more adventures on my blog: Like me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram: - - - - - Music from the YouTube Audio Library - - - - - Hey! I'm Meggie Kay! I'm a travel and lifestyle vlogger/blogger. I'm just a 20-something Canadian girl who loves to explore the world. But more than that, I'm a serial expat and who loves to share my travels and life in foreign countries. So far I've lived in the USA, Germany, Singapore, and New Zealand and currently living in Japan. Join in on the adventure!
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