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Travel Japan - Shrine of a 1000 Steps (Kotohira-gu)

Travel Japan - Shrine of a 1000 Steps (Kotohira-gu)

Kotohira-gu Shrine, familiarly called Konpira-san, is located in western Kagawa, halfway up Mt. Zozu-san at an altitude of 521 meters. The protector deity for seafarers is enshrined there. Konpira is also said to protect people's health and guard against evil, and it has been a site of worship since olden times. During the Edo Period, in the 18th century, making a pilgrimage to Konpira became quite a fad. Even today, a steady flow of worshipers coming from all over Japan continues. The approach to the Main Sanctuary halfway up Mt. Zozu-san has some 785 stone steps, and another 1,368 stone steps climb up to the Inner Shrine. When you stand in front of the Main Sanctuary, you receive a bird's eye view of the Sanuki Plain. You can even hire a palanquin bearer to carry you up the steps to the Dai-mon Gate, halfway up the approach way. In the areas surrounding the approach way, there remain many historic sites, such as the tall lantern that used to be the landmark of Konpira pilgrimages and Saya-hashi Bridge. The town of Kitohira also welcomes a number of visitors to its Konpira-onsen Hot Spring Village. I shot this video during my vacation in Japan. It was shot with a Canon 7D and 10-22mm lens. I also used an opteka steadyvid pro steadicam
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