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Nikko - A Day Trip from Tokyo

Nikko - A Day Trip from Tokyo

Travel details for your day trip pleasure: To get to Nikko you need to take the JR Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo or Ueno train station to Utsunomiya Station. From here transfer to a JR Nikko Line train. This trip is covered by a JR Pass (you probably have one if you are an international traveler). When you get to Nikko station you can pick up multiple maps of the area, bus routes/times, and buy your bus tickets here. The ticket I bought was the Unlimited 2 day bus ride between Nikko and Lake Chuzenji for 2000 yen ($20) as this covers the World Heritage Meguri Bus loop (for Toshogu Shrine) and up the mountain to Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Falls. The World Heritage Bus stops right outside JR Nikko station which is easy, however to get up the mountain later you need to catch a Nikko-Chuzenjiko-Yumoto bus from the main road (Nishisando stop). You will be on the bus for 30-45 minutes up narrow and windy roads (but wow the view is amazing) and you want to get off at Lake Chuzenji. Here is the fab website that I got most of my information from when I planned my trip: The extra costs of the daytrip are: 1300 yen for entry to Toshogu shrine (extra for English audio headset tour) 500 yen to reach the lower viewing platform of Kegon Falls Let me know if you have any travel tips when going to Nikko! Music: "One for Jun" by Jeff Kaale Under the Creative Commons 3.0 license:
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