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Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan, 甲府市 - Canon 80D - Virtual Trip

Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan, 甲府市 - Canon 80D - Virtual Trip

Kofu is the capital of Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, about an hour and a half west of Tokyo. It is one of the famous cities in the country for its wine, famous even internationally because it has won many awards. The town of Kôfu lies in a deep valley surrounded by the Japanese Alps and the Oku-chichibu mountain range. One of the assets of the city is its proximity to Mount Fuji: the volcano and other peaks are visible from any point cleared or high in the city, which gives it an added cachet! Kofu is not really a tourist city, in any case few Western tourists stop there. During our visit we mostly saw Chinese tourists, but oddly we never met them outside the hotel. Kofu is actually a good alternative to Mastumoto or other cities to make a stopover between Tokyo and Kyoto. The story of Kofu is linked to that of the historical figure Takeda Shingen, the famous general of the sixteenth century who worked for the unification of Japan. It is the father of the warrior who founded the city and the whole Takeda clan has ruled over the region since Kofu. The city celebrates its 500th anniversary in 2019. Several monuments in the city pay tribute to this famous family and we find the graves of the family in different places of the city. Please Suscribe to our channel to help us grow and continue our work Suscribe : https://goo.gl/2A7h51 -------------------------------- Watch more Virtual Trip travel video: Mexico : https://goo.gl/SPf998 Walking around the world: https://goo.gl/KBfyP4 Tilt Shift videos: https://goo.gl/iZu2NG Snorkeling videos: https://goo.gl/NrUVGV --------------------------------- About Virtual Trip : Facebook : https://goo.gl/zaWmNB Website : https://www.virtual-trip.fr Instagram : https://goo.gl/D7uT1Z Google + : https://goo.gl/r7zt21
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