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Lu’s Trips Ep.1- Yamanashi, Japan

Lu’s Trips Ep.1- Yamanashi, Japan

Heya, I’ll be starting my series of “Lu’s Trips”. The title itself is pretty self explanatory, but my main purpose of this video series is to of course keep it as a memory for my trips, but also to show my friends or just random people on the internet what it’s like here. Yamanashi is a prefecture to the west of Tokyo, and is known for fruits, udon, hot springs and the famous Mt. Fuji. I actually didn’t know mt Fuji was recorded in the world heritage sites until yesterday, but apparently it is lmao I stayed for three days and two nights, and it was unbelievably cold. I wore a thin sweater and a coat to the “Fujikyu amusement park” thinking it would be comfortable for the weather but I was wrong because started snowing. Unfortunately, we had to cut it short and go back to the hotel but I still had a great time nonetheless. I don’t know how to set my thumbnails yet so I apologize if it’s just black jdhd -Lu
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