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Todaiji Temple, Nara ☆ 東大寺 ☆ Japan As It Truly Is

Todaiji Temple, Nara ☆ 東大寺 ☆ Japan As It Truly Is

If you only had time to visit just one temple in all of Japan, then THIS SHOULD BE THE PLACE. Todaiji is just mind blowing. Seriously, missing this place would be like going to India and skipping the Taj Mahal. Todaiji was completed in 752 A.D. when Nara was the capital of Japan (710-794 A.D.) to house the 550 ton Great Buddha, which used up nearly all the country's available bronze. The total cost of constructing the statue nearly bankrupted the country. The Todaiji you see here is actually the 2nd reconstruction and completed in 1709 - the original was actually about a third BIGGER than what this mammoth building is. The statue as well as had to have been rebuilt, the head is the 2nd reconstruction and made in the Edo Period (1615–1867) and the hands were reconstructed in the Momoyama Period (1568–1615). Approaching Todaiji, you pass through the Nandaimon or South Gate, which was finished at the end of the 12th Century, copying the Chinese Song Dynasty style. There are two 28 foot Nio guards, the Agyo and Ungyo. Inside the Daibutsuden is the Great Buddha, other statues, a scale model of the original complex over 1200 years ago, one of the original hands, and a hole in one pillar, said to be the same size as one of the statue's nostrils. If you can squeeze your butt through it, it is said you will attain enlightenment in your next life. Some people never make it to Nara in spite of traveling in the area - don't be one of them!
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