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Let's Go! Nara Park

Let's Go! Nara Park

Nara Deer are considered a national treasure in Japan, messengers to the Shinto gods, and a symbol for the city of Nara where they live. More than 1200 of these wild deer roam the city and live in the surrounding forest that covers about 2 square miles. Tourists can spot these wild deer relaxing on temple grounds and in the gardens. Let’s Go! to the surrounding forest known as Nara Park to visit these famous wild deer! These deer are also known as Kasuaga Taisha Shrine shinroku or ‘shrine deer’. This name dates back to ancient times when the legendary deity Takemikazuchi no Mikoto came to Nara by riding on a white deer. The name stuck and the deer have become protected by groups who closely monitor their diet and breeding season. These wild deer are actually peaceful, and have learned from tourists how to bow in a way to ask for food. Local vendors sell shika senbei or “deer crackers” which are safe and widely accepted to feed to our animal companions. Nara was Japan’s first permanent capital, and still houses significant temples and artwork dating back to the 8th century. Located less than an hour away from Kyoto and Osaka by train, tourists also visit Nara to see famous sites like the Tōdai-ji temple, Bronze Buddha, and the Nara National Museum. Let’s Go!
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