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SanJuSanGendo Temple (三十三間堂), Kyoto, Japan

SanJuSanGendo Temple (三十三間堂), Kyoto, Japan

SanJuSanGendo (literally means a hall with 33 bays) Temple is an old temple in Eastern Kyoto city, many of the temple's objects are designated as National Treasures by the Japanese Government. This temple is close to the Kyoto Tower and the JR Kyoto Station. The official name of SanJuSanGendo (三十三間堂) is Rengeo-in temple. It was established by the powerful warrior-politician Taira-no-Kiyomori in 1164. The original temple building was lost in a fire, but the building (Main Hall or the Hondo) was reconstructed in 1266. That structure has remained unchanged for 700 years since then with four great renovations during that period. The long temple hall, Hondo, which is about 120 meters long, is made in the Wayo (Japanese) style architecture. As there are 33 spaces between the columns (bays), it came to be known as the "hall with 33 bays". The Main Hall is really an architectural marvel as it was built to withstand earthquakes, which Japan is frequently prone for. The main worshiped deities are located inside the main hall where cameras are not allowed. The principal images of SanJuSanGendo are the 1001 statues of the Buddhist diety, Juichimen-senju sengen kanzeon, or the Thousand Armed Kannon. There are one thousand standing statues of Kannon (Important Cultural Properties of Japan) and one gigantic seated statue (National Treasure), placed at the center of the standing statues. The statues are made of Japanese cypress. Among the standing statues, 124 were made in the 12th century when this temple was founded, and the remaining 876 were made in the 13th century when the temple was renovated. The statues and the statues other deities are really a great sight and spellbinding to see. I hope you get a chance to go to the temple and see these statues. And yes, the Kyoto National Museum is right across this temple, so you can visit the Museum too. Enjoy!!!
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