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Deer Park | Deer Feeding - Nara Park - Nara Japan

Deer Park | Deer Feeding - Nara Park - Nara Japan

Deer Park | Deer Feeding - Nara Park - Nara Japan The most amazing part of feeding the deer is, if you bow to them, they bow to you too (Nara bowing deer). This is beautiful and interesting deer park in Nara Japan (Nara Deer Park). The ancient Japanese city of Nara is also famous for its old Buddhist temples. It's called Todaiji temple (Todai-ji Temple). In the video, I also walked around Nara souvenir shops, Todaiji temple and saw a lovely scenery where a Japanese gentleman was caring & feeding the deer. Watch more videos: BONDI BEACH - Most Famous Beach In Sydney Australia TSUKIJI FISH MARKET - Japanese Street Food In Tokyo Japan Takeshita Street - HARAJUKU - SHOPPING STREET In Tokyo Japan Super Fast MOCHI Pounding - Japanese Street Food - Nara Japan BAMBOO FOREST KYOTO JAPAN | Arashiyama Bamboo Grove DOTONBORI SHOPPING STREET - Japanese Street Food - Osaka Japan JAPAN BULLET TRAIN - Tokyo To Osaka Shinkansen - Japan Sydney Walk - SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE - with SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE view | Sydney Australia SYDNEY DARLING HARBOUR Walk - Sydney Australia PITT STREET MALL - Sydney Australia - Walking Tour SYDNEY FISH MARKET - Sydney Australia #MoreLocations #NaraPark #NaraJapan #DeerFeeding #DeerPark #Nara #Japan #Deer Don't forget to click LIKE. COMMENT & SHARE this video to your friends and family. ---------- Watch More Locations videos: Subscribe: Let's Connect: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ---------- Please SUBSCRIBE & Click the BELL NOTIFICATION button: Thanks for all your support, liking the video, sharing the video and leaving a comment is always appreciated! Copyright © More Locations. All Rights Reserved.
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