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Ritsurin Garden 特別名勝 栗林公園

Ritsurin Garden 特別名勝 栗林公園

国の特別名勝に指定されている庭園の中で、最大の広さを持つ栗林公園は、松の緑濃い紫雲山を背景に6つの池と13の築山を巧みに配置。江戸時代初期の回遊式大名庭園として、すぐれた地割り、石組みを有し、木石の雅趣に富んでいます。 春夏秋冬と四季折々の風物にも恵まれ、ここに咲く花々は、一歩一景といわれる変化に富んだ美しさを一層醸し出します。 栗林公園は、長い年月をかけ、多くの人たちによって受け継がれてきた、かけがえのない文化遺産です。 Ritsurin Garden is a traditional strolling-style daimyō (feudal lord) garden located in Takamatsu city, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. It received national designation in 1953 as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty. This spacious garden of 75 hectares features 13 landscaped hills, 6 ponds and many stone arrangements that have been placed in perfect balance in front of a vast green vista of Mt. Shiun. The construction of Ritsurin Garden was started in the 1620s by the Ikoma Family, who was ruling Sanuki (old name of Kagawa) at the time. Then a new ruler, Yorishige Matsudaira inherited the garden in 1642 and continued its construction. The garden was completed more than 100 years later in 1745 and was used as a villa of the Matsudaira Family until about 1870. After the Meiji Restoration in Japan, Ritsurin Garden became the public garden on March 16, 1875. Today, Ritsurin Garden attracts many visitors from all around the world. With various plants and trees including well pruned pines and a wide range of flowers, the garden offers beautiful scenery for visitors throughout a year. The garden of unique design and tranquil atmosphere that has been preciously inherited over generations in Kagawa is definitely worth a visit.
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