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Kyoto Summer - Japan Travel Video - Gion Arashiyama Eikando Kifune

Kyoto Summer - Japan Travel Video - Gion Arashiyama Eikando Kifune

✈️ Travel video made in Japan Kansai area - Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka 大阪 in the early summer 2018 and filmed many videos along the trip. Among the hot and humid weather were the refreshing shades of greens especially the moss growing in the temples and shrines after stormy showers. Pure satisfaction to my eyes, peace and serenity without the crowd. Hydrangea flowers were blooming all over adding pleasant colors to the green lush. ⛩There are hundreds if not thousands of heritage sites in Kyoto - temples, shrines, halls - that worth visiting for not only once but in different time of the year. And all the heritages are well protected for both the architectural structures and traditional cultures and I just felt like time travelling back to the historical era. I would definitely love to visit Kyoto again for the cherry blossoms in spring and colorful red leaves in autumn. 🚋Traveling within Kyoto and surrounding areas was a breeze because the city bus, metro, and train coverage was very dense and you can easily reach most of the sites with no or minimal transfers. Single or multi day passes are very useful to save up some yens for soba and matcha. 💗 Please like, subscribe, and share the love! 📌 The must-see Kyoto heritages in this video: Yasaka Jinja - Gion 八坂神社 祇園: Easily accessible from Kawaramachi commercial district and the jinja lanterns light up at night. Shimogamo Jinja 下鴨神社: 2000 years old shrine in a tranquil forest. Walk down the forest path to see the Kamo river and hop over the stone steps! Arashiyama 嵐山: Take the scenic Sagano sight-seeing train up the mountain, stroll through the bamboo path on the way back, and visit the UNESCO temple site or just walk a path less traveled. Higashiyama Jishoji Ginkakuji 銀閣寺: Very interesting compact temple layout and beautiful Japanese style gardens. Eikando Temple - Zenrinji 永観堂 禅林寺: Ultimate zen experience and a hidden gem to seek your peaceful spirit. Just next to another famous temple Nanzenji 南禅寺. Also walk the Philosopher's Path 哲学の道 and discover boutique art galleries, cafes, and Japanese tea houses. Kifune Jinja 貴船神社: The famous red lantern path lighting up the stairs to the shrine surround by mountain greenery. It might take up a day to travel but would be well worth the trip. The riverside dinning experience is one of a kind. Gear: Panasonic GH5, Leica 8-18mm, 4K HLG Video Editing and Color Grading: Davinci Resolve 🎵 Music: H/MIX GALLERY #japan #kyoto #travel #summer #colorgrading
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