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Okunoin Cemetery, Mount Kōya, Japan, 2019

Okunoin Cemetery, Mount Kōya, Japan, 2019

"Okunoin is a dramatic Buddhist cemetery, located in the Mount Koya, or Koyasan, mountains of Japan. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site designated as one of the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range. Koyasan was the birthplace of Shingon Buddhism in Japan over 1,200 years ago and is widely regarded as one of the most sacred places in the country. The graveyard contains over 200,000 unique gravestones and monuments which dominate the forest and those resting there want to be close to Kobo Dashi, the founder of Shingon Buddhism, in death. The tombstones belong to individuals and companies who are placed there by loved ones. One of the most infamous tombs is one from a termite company in memory of all the termites they exterminated. Many of the memorials are draped with red hats or gowns. These red clothed Mizuko Jizos figures represent the babies and children who have passed by and are placed by parents to protect their children en route to the afterlife." thewholeworldisaplayground.com
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