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Sanjusangendo Kyoto Japan

Sanjusangendo Kyoto Japan

Japan Points of Interest of Japan Sanjusangendo Kyoto The meaning of "Sanjusangendo", The meaning of "sanjusan" is a number 33. The meaning of "gen" is that between the pillars of the wooden building."dou" is that of a temple made of wood. Wooden building of Sanjusangendo is a dimension of 125 meters from north to south. And between the pillars in the building is 33 places. Sanjusangendo was erected by Kiyomori in 1164. 1249 years, Sanjusangendo was burned down most of the buildings and Buddhist statuesby the great fire of Kyoto. In 1266 years, it has been righting by "Gosaga Emperor. Sanjusangendo is located close to the Kyoto Station. In Sanjusangendo, Major Buddha is enshrined in the center of the building as an object of worship. Major Buddha statue is a Thousand Armed Avalokiteshwara. Buddha statue of Thousand Armed Avalokiteshwara is said to have a hand of 1000. The height of the sitting most major Buddha statue is 335 centimeters. Life-size Kannon Buddha statue of each 500 bodies have been enshrined in the left and right of most major Buddha statue. Why are enshrined Kannon thousand bodies? In India there is a figure of "1000" represents the infinite. Therefore, Kannon of the thousand bodies is of having infinitely the merit. In Sanjusangendo, Kannon a total of 1001 bodies, including the image that sitting of the center of the Thousand Armed Avalokiteshwara have been enshrined. The number of 1001 obtained by adding "1" to "1000" is a number greater than the infinite. It is significant that it is infinitely great. It is expressed that with the power of "immeasurable" by this thing. With respect to features of the building of Sanjusangendo. At that time, there were many large buildings, such as look up in Kyoto. Many of the buildings at the time was Mashi disappeared in a short period of time due to the earthquake and fire. Engineering people from this reflection is to elaborate various devices. Method to absorb the underground vibration at the time of the earthquake were used. It deposited the sand and clay in layers The structure of the backbone of the building is between the pillars have been using the double method to connect on two beams. In and out of the pillars at the top of the outside roof Yes over double of the beam, it is becoming increasingly firmness. In addition, columns and beams is a structure is a way of constructing predicted a "shaking". After minimize the earthen wall area, method of construction, which dropped the board wall pillars that cut a groove has been used. It is called siding construction method. The building is like a raft that floats being rocked by the waves "wavering" as the building、 It seismic isolation construction method has been applied.
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