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Sacred Grounds of Okunoin (奥の院) in Koyasan (高野山), Wakayama Prefecture

Sacred Grounds of Okunoin (奥の院) in Koyasan (高野山), Wakayama Prefecture

Okunoin (奥の院) is the precincts of Koyasan (高野山) where Kobo Daishi Kukai's Mausoleum is located. Kobo Daishi, also known as "Kukai" (774-835), is the founder of Shingon sect of Buddhism in Japan. Shingon Buddhism in Japan, is probably the largest/oldest buddhist sect and Kobo Daishi has received the Buddhist teachings in China in around year 804. Upon his return he has introduced Buddhism to Japan. Kobo Daishi, has made Mt. Koya (Koyasan) a 900 Meter high mountain peak in Wakayama Prefecture as the center of the Shingon Buddhism. Mt. Koya contains many temples and temple complexes that are associated with Kobo Daishi and Japanese Buddhism. Mt. Koya is considered as one of the three sacred mountains of the Kii Mountain Range and is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Upon his death, Kukai's disciples erected a mausoleum in Mt. Koya, near the clear water flows of the Tama River. This holy ground is known as "Okunoin" and the Mausoleum is called "Okunoin Gobyo". Monk Kukai is said to be in eternal meditation at Okunoin and it is believed by his followers that his spirit walks around Okunoin, greeting the visitors. One of the entrances to Okunoin is called "Ichinohashi" bridge, literally means first bridge to Okunoin. Throughout the Okunoin, there are more than 200,000 grave stones belonging to war lords, military commanders, businessmen, priests, monks, shoguns, samurais and also common folk. The precincts are covered with tall cedar and pine trees that are hundreds of years old. As you walk through the precincts, you will also see lot of small temples and shrines. The Gobyobashi (Gobyo bridge), is the final bridge to reach Kukai's Mausoleum. The Mausoleum is preceded by "Torodo", which means the "Lantern Temple". No cameras are allowed after this final bridge, so, there are no shots of the Mausoleum itself in this video. But "Sando", the two kilometer path to Mausoleum itself is surreal and once in a lifetime experience. Doing this walk during winter enhanced this experience, even though, my hands are almost frozen, taking this video by the time I reached the Mausoleum. Hope you enjoy this presentation of "Okunoin".
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