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Todai-Ji - Nara - 東大寺 - 4K Ultra HD

Todai-Ji - Nara - 東大寺 - 4K Ultra HD

Being one of Japan and Nara’s most famous landmarks and temples, Todai-ji attracts thousands of worshipers and tourists each year. It was constructed in 752 as the head temple of all provincial Buddhist temples of Japan. Todai-ji (also known as Todaiji) Daibutusden (Big Buddha Hall) not only features one of Japan's largest bronzes statues of Buddha (15m tall), but is also known today as being the world's largest wooden building, despite the fact that it is actually a 1/3 smaller reconstruction (1692-1709) than the original! The same applies to the Nandaimon (Great South Gate), which is in fact a reconstruction (in the 12th century) of the original gate. However this time the gate was rebuilt to scale. To Subscribe to this Channel, click here!! : For any questions, Inquiries or if you are looking to acquire some of our rush, please contact us here: Love this video? Feel free to share it among your friends or even better embed it on your website! Twitter : @TokyoStreetView Facebook : Pinterest : Blog : Instagram : Reddit :
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